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Our Network provides regulatory consultancy in the field of product regulations and to achieve compliance with the main Regulations on the extra-European market. We provide complete assistance for the development, implementation and management of the "regulatory" policy in direct collaboration with companies. Our services support the processes of placing new products on the market, the production, research and data collection, the verification of compliance of existing products with respect to local extra-EU regulations.

Fulfillment of local obligations is usually only allowed to legal entities established in the territory of the relevant market.

It is in these cases that the appointment of an Exclusive Representative is appropriate, for all the exporters in the market who want to keep the information of their products confidential, without having to transfer the burden of compliance on importing customers.


RNI srl provides this service to companies interested in the US / UK-GB and Turkey markets, through expert and qualified local entities that can support the customer throughout the process of achieving regulatory compliance.



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