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REACH UP provides Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety services as consultant for chemicals EU market.

Our consultancy to meet regulatory compliance in EU market, provides a comprehensive regulatory support for developing and implementing firm regulatory policy. It includes services related to new product introductions to market, data development as well compliance of existing products with local and EU regulations. The organization, born in 2010, is based in Italy with many corrispondents offices located around the Europe and has established a strong relationships with local, European trade associations, laboratories and government authorities.

REACH UP has already submitted several registrations approved by ECHA and manages or works with many European REACH Registration Consortia (eg EUROPEAN BIODIESEL BOARD, FEUC, CONCAWE, ERRC, REACH CENTRUM)

REACH UP wants to provide an effective and competent response to each comapany based in Europe by providing technical and management assistance within consortia and SIEFs as well as regulatory, analytical, toxicological and ecotoxicological required skills. We find sustainable customized solutions to their most challenging questions. Our network assistance combines technical and strategic skills, relying on the wide industrial experience and the skills of our team.


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