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REACH UP srl provides the assistance required to meet the obligations of the cosmetic industry by EC Regulation 1223/2009 and its modifications. Our testing strategies include the use of No testing methods, making cost-effective evaluations possible.

Our services for cosmetic products include:

  • Advice on regulatory obbigations
  • Ecotoxicological impact of cosmetic ingredients and cosmetic products
  • Toxicological assessment of cosmetic products
  • Use of no testing methods (NTMs: QSARs, Read-Across, grouping..)
  • Proposal and/or managment of new studies
  • Creation of Product Information Files (PIF)
  • Creation of Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR)
  • Electronic notification of cosmetic products by the dedicated portal (CPNP)

This expertise is available to issue specific customer requirements and our team work judgement will offer the best available solutions.