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REACH UP srl provides the assistance required to meet the EU-obligations on Food products, including additives and food and conctact materials (FCM), pesticides and their residues. Our network can provide analytical information about products composition and impurities.
REACH UP srl also participates in administrative activities and scientific discussions at consortium level.

Our services for food products include:

  • Advice on regulatory obbigations
  • Planning of dossier compilation strategy
  • Re-authorization dossier compilation
  • Use of no testing methods (NTMs: QSARs, Read-Across, grouping..)
  • Proposal and/or managment of new studies
  • Calculation of the Acceptable Dietary Intake (ADI)
  • Food Safety assessment
  • Risk assessment for workers and consumers
  • Assistance and monitoring post submission 

This expertise is available to issue specific customer requirements and our team work judgement will offer the best available solutions.