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REACH UP srl is dedicated to Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety.

Since the entry in force of the Regulation (EC 1907/2006), REACH UP srl provides assistance to customers in meeting the REACH regulatory requirements.
By the time we have gained the experience required to provide all related services: from substances identification management, to risk assessment and dossier compilation.
REACH UP srl also participates in administrative activities and scientific discussions at European level. 

Our REACH services include:

  • Education and training
  • Regulatory consultancy
  • Registration strategy
  • Registration dossiers
    - Assistance in analytical identification and sameness evaluation
    - Inquiry
    - Collection and evaluation of data (Klimisch score)
    - Data-gap analysis
    - Testing strategy proposal and development
    - IUCLID compilation
    - Completeness checks (TCC)
    - Toxicological and Eco-toxicological assistance
    - No Testing Methods (NTMs) assessment (QSARs; read-across; …)
    - Proposing and monitoring of new studies
    - Data waiving
    - Classification and labelling (C&L)
    - PBT assessment
    - Risk Assessment, Chemical Safety Assessment and reports (CSA/CSR)
    - Extended Safety Data Sheets (e-SDSs)
    - Post Registration monitoring and assistance
  • Exemption statement according the law
  • Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH) dossier, reviewing and revising
  • Assistance and dossier compilation in authorization process
  • Registration Consortia management and SIEF/Consortia representation
  • Third Party Representative (TRP) services
  • Legal representation in the EU (Only Representative)
  • Support in litigation by law firm partners


This expertise is available to issue specific customer requirements and our team work judgement will offer the best available solutions.